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The Story of Gladianima (Part IX)

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The 23rd day at sea in the 56th year of the reign of King Brieuc of House Erdos.

"It's been nearly one month since I snuck aboard Thyra's boat. As much as I cannot stand the sea, I realized that I couldn't let her go on this adventure alone. She was extremely unhappy when she discovered what I had done, but there is nothing she can do to change it now. I'm sure my father is either angry that I've gone or impressed that I finally did something unexpected. That's the thing about my father, I follow the rules and he rarely does. He always said I get that from my mother.

That leads me to my other thought and reason for this journal. This is very unlike me. I felt possessed as I grabbed my things and my sword and stowed away. I couldn't let Thyra get away. It was some urge, deep in my gut, that grabbed tightly around my heart. I couldn't be at peace until I knew that I was going to wherever it is she thinks she must go.

I understand what she means when she speaks of feeling compelled. If this thing that we're chasing is so powerful it can compel anyone to do anything, should we even be searching for it?

Thyra has brought Doran's journal. I knew she had taken it from the library several days before her departure, but I never said anything. I think if we will be successful, it will only be because of Doran's words. I haven't asked what else she has seen, and truthfully, I'm terrified to know. I don't sleep well at night. It's not because of the noise of the waves or the rocking and creaking of the boat either.

My body is so exhausted, but my mind is so tumultuous that I cannot calm myself. My heart is constantly racing at the thought of what is waiting for us. It feels like some darkness on the edge of the horizon, and it haunts my dreams when I do manage to fall asleep. In my dreams all I see are pain and teeth and death. I hope this is not what we sail toward.

Thyra barely looks at me, let alone speaks to me. I can tell it is a combination of irritation at my presence and absentmindedness because of her knowledge. Something she has seen in that journal keeps her trapped in her own mind. Or maybe it's the call of this thing that we're chasing, constantly whispering to her like it did Doran. I wish I knew more. I will record our adventures here. It helps me to remember where we've been and how long we've been gone, but more importantly it keeps me sane. I plan to speak to Thyra tonight at dinner. I hope we can try to come to some sort of amity."

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