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Chasing Stars - Chapter Five

This week is a slow news week, haha! So it means you're in luck! Another free chapter of Chasing Stars is here! Join me on Patreon for more, including more chapters!

"The feeling is mutual,” Benjamin said, feeling a scowl crawling slowly across his face. He noticed then that Lydia wasn’t alone, accompanied by a tall man with dark, almost magenta-colored hair.

“What are you doing here?” Lydia asked then, crossing her arms. “Last time I saw you, you were fleeing the system.” She arched a brow at him. “I’m guessing you were only allowed to step foot back here because of your aunt.”

Benjamin wanted to roll his eyes, but he caught himself. “You would be right,” he said shortly. “She blackmailed me.” He shoved his hands into his pockets. “As nice as this was, I’m kinda busy.” He started to turn to leave, but she stopped him.

“Cafeteria is that way,” she said, jabbing her thumb behind her.

Benjamin turned on his heel and walked quickly past her, mumbling a thanks. He rounded the bend, trying to keep a steady pace, but broke into a jog once he was away from her.

Lydia was a hateful little woman. They used to be close when they were in the Academy together, but then she realized that advancing as an Earthling, and as a woman, into command positions was hard. She turned mean after that, willing to cut down her own men to get to where she wanted to be. And from the colors on her uniform, it seemed that she was making some headway. Benjamin only wondered who she’d mashed into oblivion for her meager promotions.

It didn’t take long before he came around a corner, a sign pointing to the cafeteria, and the smell of food and disinfectant hitting his nose. It reminded him of the hospital his dad had died in, and all the reasons why he hated being a GLOW soldier.

He shuffled into the cafeteria, seeing a line for some food. He got himself a tray with the standard fare on it, feeling his stomach rumble. He actually couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a decent meal. And it felt nice to sit down and enjoy some peace for once. He watched as soldiers from all different parts of the universe shuffled in and out of the room, slightly surprised by the diversity on the ship. He didn’t realize it was as big as it was and could support so many different life forms.

He eventually finished his meal and let his thoughts shift to his meeting with Lizette and Aubrey. He was anxious to find out what they knew, but he was also dreading it. He’d searched for a while for an explanation as to what killed his mother, but he was never able to find any answers. He spent a lot of wasted time chasing leads and tales that never panned out, and he was almost starting to feel like he’d been intentionally misled in a lot of instances. He really wanted to hear what Lizette had to say and to find out if he was right.

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