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Happy Meowlloween!

So let's talk about two of my favorite things today: Magic and Cats!

As most of you guys know, today is Halloween, or Meowlloween as some would say!

But Toby wants to raise awareness today about his friends, black cats.

Statistically speaking, most of the cats in shelters are black cats. This means that, while a high volume of them are adopted, a lot of them are euthanized. But why? Why so many black cats in the shelter to begin with?

Well, some of that may have to do with the simple fact that some people can't have/don't want their cat anymore. But on the flip-side there's a strong possibility that superstition still persists. I mean, isn't a black cat on Halloween terrifying??

But did you know that in some Asian countries black cats are considered lucky? It's even considered lucky to dream about a black cat. And in Scottish lore a strange black cat on your porch signals prosperity.

So why the association with witchcraft?

It's largely believed that cats became associated with evil in the Middle Ages. Probably because they do, you know, cat things, like run around the house at full speed at 3 in the morning. I can see where this would be worrisome for Middle-Age-people. I would think my cat was possessed too.

This idea soon shifted to believing that cats are witches' familiars and even that cats are witches themselves. Now, let's be honest. Wouldn't turning into a cat be kinda cool? Like you could jump on really high stuff and walk on tight ropes and junk. Well, I would do that. If I was a cat.

Anyway, the people back then didn't like that though. (Guess they shared similar beliefs about cats like my friend Mark B. He really hates cats. So I make it a point to annoy him with them as often as I can.) They thought that it was horrifying that a person could wield magic and they were often afraid (see Salem witch trials and all that). This often led to the witches and any cats perceived as familiars to be rounded up and killed.

That's one thing Hillary and I can agree about!!

So let's give black cats, indeed all cats, a break this Halloween. They only want to partake in the festivities as much as we do!

Now get out there, put your best non-clown costume on, and get some candy!!

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