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The Story of Gladianima - Chapter 11

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The 30th day at sea in the 56th year of the reign of King Brieuc of House Erdos.

Thyra took a step toward the door that led into the depths of the ship. Just as her fingertips left the railing, a call suddenly vibrated through the mist. At first, she could barely hear it, only knowing it was there because of the way the ship rattled lightly. Her eyes narrowed and she turned back to look across the darkness.

Everything was still, and she started to think she imagined it, when suddenly the boat rocked hard to the side, throwing her across the deck. She screamed as her back collided with something wooden behind her.

Yells filled the night as the deck suddenly swarmed with sailors looking for weapons. Thyra staggered to her feet, the boat still lurching from the blow of whatever had hit them. She saw Kegan running toward her, her sword in his hands.

"What's going on?" he yelled as he neared.

Thyra shook her head. "I don't know," she managed as she looked around. "There's something out there." She strapped the sword around her waist. She knew she might need it, but at the moment she needed to be able to grab on if whatever it was struck again.

The ship's captain appeared at the helm, barking orders, and Thyra and Kegan crossed toward him.

"What the hell was that, Captain?" Kegan demanded.

The captain's grizzled face was pulled in a scowl, his lip curled. "I fear it be a krakken," he said, turning to yell at his men again.

"What is a krakken?" Thyra asked, drawing his gaze.

"A monster, girl!" the captain snapped. "A beast from the depths which desires to take us all into the deep with it!"

Thyra looked at Kegan, wondering what the hell they were supposed to do to fight this thing, when suddenly the call came again, shaking the ship. The vibrating was hard enough to make them lose their footing, even though the boat wasn't rocking. The call began to increase in volume, reaching a piercing crescendo, and causing them to press their hands over their ears.

Just when Thyra thought she couldn't take any more, waves and spray suddenly exploded over the side of the boat, and a monstrous shadow began to rise up out of the water. Thyra couldn't believe her eyes as it continued to rise higher and higher into the sky, towering like a mountain over them. She couldn't make out it's figure, but glittering eyes glared down at them, and another ear-splitting roar filled the night.

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