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In Honor of May 4th!

Fire spouted from a crack, illuminating the dry, dead earth around us. Light flashed brightly as my saber collided with my opponents’, sparks filling the air. I whirled quickly, parrying his blows, matching him step for step. I knew he was tiring, the flash of his red saber slowing. Finally, I had the upper hand.

I dodged his attack, lifting my hand quickly to form a fist as I yanked my hand toward my body. It was as if an invisible rope was tied around his leg as it flew out from under him, causing him to crash to the ground. The handle of his saber bounced across the dirt, rolling lamely to a stop.

I stood over the man before me, watching as the hood of his cloak fell away, revealing a fear-filled face. “My master will come for you!” he said desperately, his breathing heavy.

I offered a grin, lifting my hand. The handle of his saber was cold as it flew into my hand. “Do you know who I am?”

His eyes narrowed as he sucked in a panicked breath. “They call you Angel.”

I nodded my head in approval. “Then you must know my mission,” I crooned, watching him easily.

Defiance flashed across his face, a desperate attempt to stay alive. He lifted his hands, but I was swifter, catching him in a Force-grip. I stood quickly, pushing him away from me. He was dragged across the crumbling rock as I pushed him toward a thick crack, where the burning lava was erupting. I lowered my hand as he dangled dangerously over the fire, gasping for a breath.

“I will never understand the ways of the Light and the Dark,” I mused as I watched him. “The Jedi use the Force for good, using piety to keep their souls clean, while you,” I looked down at the red saber in my hand, “You Sith let your emotions fuel the Force and use it for vengeance.” I lit his saber, watching the red light erupt from the end, sizzling in the air. “You believe that you are enemies; that the Light must battle the Dark.” I grinned, lifting the silver handle in my opposite hand.

“What you do not realize is that there is a much stronger enemy.” I lit the green blade, pressing the burning swords together. Sparks flew from where they touched as I stepped toward him.

“What are you?” he demanded.

I titled my head. I had considered this often. I once tried to believe that I was a machine for good; that the power I wielded would lead me to the Light. But I never truly felt the Light, just as I never truly felt the pull of the Dark.

I watched as he winced as I held the sabers to either side of his neck.

His confusion was brief as I flicked my wrists, the burning light slicing cleaning through his flesh. I paused for a moment, breathing a bored sigh as I stared at his lifeless body. It was nothing for me to release my control of him, watching him fall into the burning life-blood of the planet below.

I slowly tucked both sabers into my belt. I was not bathed in Light, but I was not forged in Darkness. My power stemmed from somewhere in between, in a place that I knew I would never escape from. A place called Apathy.

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