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Happy Friday the 13th!


This month I want to do a scary story! It will be a four-parter, with two parts today since I didn’t post anything last week. Enjoy!

“Are you sure you’re not getting too old for Trick or Treating?” Mom asked, pulling at the front of Henry’s costume.

Henry pushed her hands away, sighing in exasperation. “Mooom,” he complained. “All my friends are waiting for me.”

His mother sighed shortly, noticing that the sleeves of his Power Ranger costume were a bit short. He’d grown since last October. “Is Steve’s mom driving?” she asked, trying not to be overbearing. Henry was 13 now. He deserved a little bit of responsibility.

“Yes Mom,” he answered, exasperated. He grabbed his candy basket up from the hall floor by the front door.

A horn honked outside and Henry jumped to the door, throwing it open. His mother followed him out, her arms crossed. She watched as a minivan door slid open, the other boys dressed as the corresponding Power Rangers. She waved when Steve’s mother, Karen, rolled down the passenger window.

“Hey, Kim,” Karen said, grinning. “The boys are so excited.”

Kim nodded, forcing a smile. “You’re a brave woman,” she said teasingly.

Karen laughed softly. “Is ten o’clock too late?” she asked.

Kim shook her head. “That’s fine,” she said, stepping back from the van. She waved to Henry as he moved to close the door behind him. “Have a good time, sweetie.”

“Bye Mom!” Henry called, swinging the door shut. Judging by the grin on his face, he was already consumed with thoughts of trickery and candy.

Kim gave one last wave to Karen as she started to back out of the driveway. Their excitement was palpable, but something was hanging just in the back of Kim’s mind, making her uncomfortable. She tried to tell herself it was just Henry’s-first-Halloween-without-her jitters, but it didn’t abate as she went inside and closed the front door behind her.

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