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December World-Building Challenge!

So I found a fun little thing on r/worldbuilding, and it's a month-long challenge! Every day is a new word and it is supposed to be used to describe a facet of your world. Today's word is LEGEND, so today I want to share a legend with you from Gexalatia, the world in which Return to Royalty, Return to Gexalatia, and Return to War take place!

This is the story of how the bond between men and the source of their magic, a fax, was formed. Long ago, in the before-times, men lived alongside creatures who were able to use 'magic' - the lifeblood of the earth, a living and breathing thing that binds all things together. The magic was given by the Creator Gods so that the earth would prosper.

You see, Aure and Aucer did not intend for anything other than their perfect creations to walk this world. Their creation was imbued with their own lifeforce, and it was beautiful. But the sister goddess, Daya, had other plans. To spite the perfect world the Creator Gods had made, she formed Man from the ashes of a burned tree - a thing that had once been beautiful but had encountered death. She then sent Man forth to stumble hazardously into a perfect world.

Unable to touch the life source of the gods, the first man found himself clumsy and slow. He looked at the beauty that surrounded him and became jealous, a feeling that Daya encouraged as she watched her creation kill to survive. Daya reveled in Man's destruction, but one creature took notice of the pain and fear that Man lived in.

A spirit borne of the ground came to Man and offered him a deal. "You are slow and made of the dust," the spirit said. "You are weak and afraid. I, too, am made from the ground, but unlike you, I was made perfect and whole. I offer myself to you, so that you too can be whole and live as the Creators intended."

Man accepted the spirit's offer, at which point the spirit bound to Man. Power and life the likes of which Man had never experienced flooded his body. A connection was forged that allowed Man to touch the life-force of the earth and the Creator Gods. But that connection came with a price.

For every man that accepted the spirit's power, there must be one who accepts the power of an opposite spirit; a spirit of chaos. For there cannot be balance without both. Thus, Aureci and Acerbi were born, one wielder of the white magic and one wielder of the black magic. Of course, there were also some who chose not to take the power of the spirits - those called Inerse.

Through the power of the spirits - the faxes - Aureci and Acerbi may live for hundreds, even a thousand years and control magic, while Inerse lead lives similar to those of humans on Earth.

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