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Spotlight: Earth's Only Hope Series

Hi all!

Are you looking for a new book to keep you busy during quarantine?? Then this is the series you never knew you needed in your life!

Live or die, stay or go, the choice is meant to be easy…

I can either board an alien spaceship with my fellow criminals or rot in prison on a dying Earth.

The spacecraft’s captain, a handsome alien who looks remarkably human, has been visiting me in my dreams for over a year. He has given me the companionship I need during my time locked up in solitary confinement and the way he holds me in the dark makes me forget the Earth is on the brink of extinction.

In the midst of another ice age, humanity will be wiped out soon, but the alien spacecraft gives hundreds of us another option. If I get on that ship, I have a chance at surviving.

And I’m a survivor.

Only a deadly disease is spreading among the aliens and has already wiped out three-quarters of their population. It appears to be a virus, but as the aliens continue dying despite all precautions, I begin to wonder if the disease is something else.

How do I keep the man I’ve fallen in love with safe?

And if he dies, along with the rest of his alien race, how will us humans manage a ship filled with unknown technology?

But if the disease also wipes out the humans on board, none of this will even matter.

Read this romantic apocalyptic alien adventure today!


My Review

As you guys may recall, I've always enjoyed Joy's work and I've promoted a lot of her books in the past, but that's because they TRULY ARE AMAZING!!

Joy is a romance writer and her books are always wonderful. She has such a great way of portraying the fun and anticipation of a new love, and her books are always PG. To me, this is what makes her stories so great! She doesn't have to portray anything graphic to convey the feelings she writes about.

I always find myself deeply immersed in the worlds she creates, and DEPARTING is no different. Although a bit grittier and darker than her normal "fluff", I believe this series is one of her best yet! Skylar is such a flawed and intense character, but Joy has such an amazing way with words that you can't help but be sucked in from the beginning.

This was a book I couldn't put down, despite being exhausted from chasing my toddler all day! It was humorous in the right places, intense in the right places (to the point that I cried in frustration for Skylar!), and perfect all the way around.

As always, I give Joy's book DEPARTING a solid five stars! If you're looking for your next favorite read, this is it! I'm only about halfway through SURVIVING, but I'll be sure to give a review when I finish it!

~ Paige ~

Have you read anything good lately? Share your new favorites in the comments!

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