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Celebrating a Series Birthday, New Books, and More!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Hi all!

I was so happy to see everyone who came out to BrazCon this year! It was a fantastic turnout and I can't wait for next year! I also picked up some awesome new reads! Check them out!

Retired Army vet, Isis Black, lives in a small Texas town, a tiny dot on the map. The only friends she has are her coworkers at a Tex-Mex restaurant, the locals she serves, and a homeless man named Bob.

One evening after work, Death knocks at Isis’s apartment door. Death wears an expensive designer suit and four-inch heels. She has a curvaceous body, long, silky brown hair and mischief in her voice.

Isis is sure that she’s dreaming or has gone to hell for accidentally killing a man by knocking him off a crowded fire escape at a wild party. Death informs Isis that the man she killed was Death’s intern, and now Death needs Isis to take his place for the North American territory.

Somebody is stealing the souls that Death needs to transport to the afterlife. The intern’s job is to find out who is sabotaging Death’s efforts. Who better for the job than Isis – she’s lonely, bored and perfect – right down to her name. Death gives Isis three days to decide if she’ll take the job.

When her friend, Bob, goes missing, Isis is enraged. But is she willing to work with Death, a talking cat, and a boy-genius as her teammates to find Bob? If she doesn’t help Death, will Bob, and homeless people across the country, die?

This is a story of courage and a chase to save humanity.

Afraid of being caught by trackers from another world, a young mother abandons her baby boy in a tomato box inside the screened porch of a children's home. The staff at the orphanage name him Hamelin Stoop, but he grows up longing to learn his real name, find his parents, and thus discover his true identity.

Life is not easy for Hamelin. He belongs to everyone, though in some ways to no one fully. And the people he is closest to leave him one by one. A letter from an older friend advises Hamelin to "keep waiting and keep hoping." Bitter experiences force Hamelin to wait, but he has to learn how to hope.

When the children's home forgets his eighth birthday, he sneaks away at night. He soon discovers that he isn't just running away -- he is being summoned by the Ancient One. Guided by the Great Eagle through a mysterious cave, Hamelin must pass a dangerous test of courage before he can find his parents. Hamelin's failures, fears, and hopes become part of a larger story, a story of a great struggle between worlds and kingdoms where the old myths of magic, evil contracts, and enslaved children turn out to be real.


On March 10, Return to Royalty will be 2 years old, and Return to Gexalatia will be a year! So exciting! As a thank-you for all your support and to celebrate, I'm giving both books away as ebooks!

Use these coupon codes:

NT24P for a free download of Return to Royalty UC22Y for a free download of Return to Gexalatia


Here are some other books you need to add to your library!

Our Emerging Writers publications are part of an experimental series designed to match readers looking for new voices with up-and-coming authors looking to widen their reader base. We like to refer to publications in this series as "sampler platters" of writers and genres, such that readers can quickly and efficiently discover talented authors they may otherwise have never heard of as well as compelling genres they may never have given a shot before.

In Texas's Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction, Texas's most promising up-and-coming authors have the chance to share their own words. Covering a wide array of genres ranging from literary fiction to satire, mystery, comedy, science fiction, and more, these young talents will amaze you. Containing one story per writer, this anthology is a compelling introduction to the great wordsmiths of tomorrow.

Louis has had a good life, an exciting life. Now as his life comes to an end, he is ready to share it with his eldest son, Tarquin. Louis writes to his son about his experiences during the Second World War, a story he wanted to keep to himself forever. Now as he is dying he is ready to share. Take a journey with an old man as he recalls the past and shares his hopes, dreams, and fears as a young soldier in the United States Army.

Zyshawn and his two best friends, Ricardo and Stevie, are going camping for the first time! They’re so excited for their first trip together, and they decide to look for buried treasure. They wander into the woods, becoming lost. Scared and confused, the boys must put their heads together to solve where their camp is and how to get back to it!

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