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Infinity Flower Publishing

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I am proud to announce today that Infinity Flower Publishing is now offering editorial services!

If you’re like me, you’re an author who has big dreams but little money. And that’s okay! I want to make editing and proofreading options affordable for us little guys. So far this year, just on editing alone, I’ve spent more than $500. That’s a lot when your book is still in production! That means right off the bat, to recoup my costs, I have to make that back, and then some. I’m not very good at math, but that’s hard.

Why should you choose Infinity Flower Publishing?

At Infinity Flower Publishing, LLC, we believe that every author has a story to tell, and that every story deserves to be told. We work with our writers every step of the way on their literary journey, helping to bring out the most from their work. From an idea and rough draft, to editing and publication, Infinity Flower Publishing, LLC helps our authors produce high quality, interesting, and entertaining books.

Can I see some of your work?

Check out this debut children’s book by our newest author, Van Sledge! Book two from Van will be coming soon!

What are you waiting for???

That’s a great question! What are you waiting for? Send me an email at today! Let’s polish your baby until it shines like the star it should be!

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