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Good News Everyone!

Lots of news updates, including a new book cover for The Heart of the Guardian and new services offered by Infinity Flower Publishing!

Let's start with some cover art:

A few months ago, I got The Heart of the Guardian back from Outskirts Press. There was nothing wrong with their services, I just wanted to do some editing and other things to THoG that I couldn't do without them charging me a fee. So I decided to cancel with them and republish myself.

Here is the new cover art, with an awesome phoenix that spans the whole cover!

Don't forget that it's the season for gift-giving! Get your bookworms a wonderful, personalized gift by ordering a signed book for them! Contact me today!

And now, time for item 2!

My publishing company, Infinity Flower Publishing, has gone through some changes and gotten a face-lift! We've revamped our services and pricing, and we now offer marketing, including helping you schedule book signings in stores, as well as cover design, editing, and much more!

What's a better gift than helping the writer in your life get their book published?

Check out the website!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their December!

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