The Heart of the Guardian

MAY 4, 2014


A princess and a warrior, Abigail is up against the fight of her life. Or rather, the fight for her life. Bound by a curse that is slowly killing her, Abigail must journey to the land of the Phoenixes, to kill the wizard who cursed her and to take back the magical item he has stolen, the Precious Arrow of Shalamar.

An outcast and a loner, Joseph is on the run, fleeing the cruel reign of Bozal, the new king of Phoenix. He only wishes to live his life in peace, and to escape all of the responsibilities that he must shoulder.

Their paths cross, seemingly a chance of fate. Abigail is the leader that Joseph has been looking for, and Joseph has the eyes and the knowledge she needs to penetrate Bozal's castle and destroy him.

Secrets and lies soon find them in a battle for their lives, and each other.