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Return to Gexalatia

Now Available - The exciting sequel to Return to Royalty!


Nyx and Jet have finally made it to Gexalatia. Pursued by Paraximus' deadly minions, Jet must keep Nyx alive and teach her how to blend in so that he can get her to the royal city of Regius Carmen in one piece.

Across the mountains, a mysterious band of dragon riders from the country of Fornax has decided to rise up against the cruel reign of King Paraximus. In order to stop the cruelty to their dragonkin, the riders attack merchant ships bringing dragons from Siccita to Ymber. Their leader, Prince Rian, guided by Eomryr

Lani, the Sky Dragon, knows he must find and help the lost princess in order to save his people and their dragons.


On the other side of the continent, two twin girls have been captured for their magic power to see into the future. Their brother seeks to rescue them before the evil Paraximus can use their abilities for his cruel plans.


The three groups find themselves teaming up in unlikely ways to help each other and fight to get to the safety of Queen Liana's watch.

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