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Writing As Explained by Tangled


The “Writing as explained by” posts are back, and today we’re exploring the craft with one of my favorite Disney movies! (Links to the other posts are at the bottom of the page!)

Figuring out a plot point/twist –

Your MC’s reaction to you telling him/her they have to carry the plot –

Drooling over MCs in general/when they do something awesome –

When your own characters punch you in the feels –

Resorting to drastic measures to conquer writer’s block up to and including threatening characters –

Villains being villainous –

Scrapping scenes/plot points that don’t work but you put a ton of effort into –

Finding out your villain has a soft side –

How I imagine meeting your characters in person will go –

Anything I miss? 🙂

Miss any of the other posts?

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