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What to do when you feel creative but have nothing to write about?

So this post is coming to you from my desk at 9:30 on Thursday night. I really need a Friday blog post, so I guess this will be it!

I’m having a really hard time focusing right now. I finished my proof yesterday and I’m waiting for the edits from the proofreader to come back so that I can make a master proof and move ahead to a second proof that will, hopefully, be the final version. Then we can get to a full cover and then a finished book! So close, but still so far….

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But in the meantime, while I wait for the proofreader, I have all this creative energy!!!! Ugh….

I can’t focus on writing book two right now because my mind is still stuck on book one. This happens to me a lot, seems like. Most of the time I can fill my brain with other junk until there’s enough room in there to focus on the next book, but this is the moment where I’m realizing that I’ll have to find something else to do. And that’s so hard.

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Changing focus when you feel like you just NEED to be doing something else is hard.

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So what can I cram my brain with until it can focus again? Maybe some video games, or some lame attempts at some art. Or maybe I’ll just lay in bed for the next two days until I feel like I have a clear train of thought… I dunno. I feel like I get really moody when I’m ‘stuck’ like this, so maybe the bed is the best place for me to be. You know, to protect the world from angry, frustrated Paige…or something like that.

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Is this a form of writer’s block? What do you guys do when you can’t get the stuff out?

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