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The Handwriting Challenge!

I was tagged by EE Rawls! I don’t usually write by hand a lot, unless it’s notes or reminders, so this is fun!

Here are the questions I answered:

  1. Write your name

  2. Write your blog’s name

  3. Write your favorite word and its definition

  4. Write something nice

  5. Write the name of your favorite song right now

  6. What are you writing with?

  7. Write a fun fact about yourself

  8. Write/draw your favorite emoticon

  9. Write a silly message

  10. Write who you’re tagging


As you can see, I left 3 and 10 blank….I think I love all words and it would be hard to pick a favorite and I don’t really have anyone to tag, but if YOU want to participate, tag me on your post! I’d love to see what all you guys’ answers are 🙂

#writing #blogging #bloghop #books #handwritingchallenge

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