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T Minus Nine Days to Launch

Join us for awesome prizes and amazing books!

Only nine days to go before the launch of Road of a Warrior, The Silvan Book II.

It’s just such an exciting moment, and the nine days left before the launch party are packed with frenetic activity. There is a Facebook party to throw, and a real party at the same time. That might have been a very bad idea, conceptually, but it promises to be fun, I’ll tell you. Just don’t miss the photos next day!

The worst part of the run up is the eternal wait for my advance readers to get back to me with their feedback, and of course the long-awaited editorial review. In fact it’s torture, because all those pesky insecure writer quirks resurface and the metaphysical questions arise. I won’t bore you with that, though. Luckily, my beta reader M.Y. Leigh and my editor, Andrea Lundgren, have written really positive things about this second…

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