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Monsters from the Bestiary

This is a special, behind-the-scenes look at a monster from Gexalatia!

Meet the leaders of the Atrox packs, the Sagiers [Say-jeers]. These beasts are summoned from the depths of hell just like their atrox minions, but Sagiers are a bit different. Just like atrox, they're created to follow orders, but, like the alpha of a wolf pack, they also lead the hordes. They're smarter than their beastly underlings, but not by much.

Sagiers have the ability to speak, whereas most atrox cannot. Sagiers can think and reason and are not completely controlled by their wild urges. They collect the teeth of their enemies, which they braid into thick dreadlocks on their heads. The more teeth a Sagier has, the stronger it is considered to be and the more respected it is among the packs.

Sagiers can be identified by the light color of their heads, their teeth-laden dreads, and the armor that they wear across their chests. Just like any other atrox or mortal beast, Sagiers can be killed, but it is difficult. Sagiers are strong and larger than their atrox counterparts, making them fearsome opponents.

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