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Book Covers

So today I was going to share another part of a short story with you all, but then I got caught up doing covers for the short stories I’m working on, so I thought I’d share those instead!

The first cover I worked on is for the science fantasy short, “Jewels for Gemma”:


Gemma is a retired member of GLOW, the Galactic Law Enforcement Over-Watch. She and her husband, Jared, are living the perfect life, but then a blue diamond shows up on her walk home one night. All she can think about is this diamond, which seems to have a spell cast over her, making her forget everything, including her young son, Benjamin. She knows she can’t overcome the power of the jewel on her own, but can she bring herself to tell Jared?

Read the first two parts here!


The second cover I worked on today is for my short, “The Sword in the Ceiling”:


Lizette has a secret; one she’s been hiding for a long time. Tasked with protecting a magic amulet, she thought she’d finally managed to ditch the Knighthood that is trying to recover it. But she comes home from work one day to find a sword stuck into her ceiling, and she knows she’s been found. She must turn to her former partner, Aubrey, whom she hasn’t seen in years, if she wants to live. Can she and Aubrey work together to keep the Knighthood from taking back what they had once stolen?

Read the first part here!


The last cover I did, which I really liked, is for another short called “Stone Angel”:


Centuries of being bound in stone have kept me from completing my mission: to find and kill Eyran. Two hapless morons have finally released me, and pointed me in the right direction. It is time for Eyran to be taken from his new throne, made of glass and metal, and finally die. It is time for his reign to end.

Read the first part here!


Not sure what I’m going to do with all of these shorts yet, but I’m really happy with the covers! What do you guys think?

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