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6 Reasons Why It's Impossible to Write with a Toddler Around

I once read a story about an author who was asked how she found time to write while also taking care of her kids. She was, and rightly so, offended by the question and pointed out to the interviewer that this particular question would never be posed in an interview with a male author. I always thought she was so badass for her quip, but now that I'm raising a young child of my own, I'd really like to know her secret!!

Here is a list of why it's impossible to get writing done with a toddler around:

1. Toddlers are actually tiny hurricanes.

My son, Ethan, bless his little heart, is such a busybody! I often wonder if he's an energy vampire, stealing all of my energy for himself! When my husband comes down from his office and asks why it looks like a tornado hit our house, I just shrug and say "Ethan did it." Hubs usually nods and leaves it at that.

2. Toddlers have some weird spidey sense that activates when you need a moment to yourself or you're trying to concentrate.

Just ... this. All of this.

3. Toddlers don't want to do anything other than what they want to do and will fight you over it.

Lately, all diaper changes have involved him doing alligator-like death rolls to avoid having clean pants put on. I mean, c'mon man, if you'd lay still this would be over and you could get back to your important baby-business, like running around the house and yelling for no reason.

4. Toddlers can't feel your pain, and therefore you shouldn't either.

One of the new, fun things Ethan has learned is to say "eyes", while jabbing his finger in my eye. I'm so proud but my eye so hurts now!

5. Toddlers don't understand exhaustion and yours doesn't count.

This boy can go and go and go, and even when he's starting to look exhausted and probably about to turn into a zombie, he keeps going. By the time we get to bedtime, I feel like I need a nap just to be able to enjoy my couple hours of free time!

6. Toddlers are awesome.

At the end of the day, there are things I wish I still had (like that sweet, sweet writing time!), but I wouldn't trade any of it if it meant I'd lose time with my baby. This time while he's small is short and a time that I can't get back, so might as well enjoy it, warts and all.

Honestly, who could resist those chubby cheeks????

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