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Now Available!

Return to Gexalatia is now available!


Nyx Estrella, a girl who thought she was from Earth, has finally made it to Gexalatia. She thought she was prepared, but Gexalatia is much more foreign and dangerous than she could have ever imagined. Jet, her teacher and bodyguard, fights to keep her safe from monsters and more of King Paraximus’ forces, who want to see both of them dead.

Led by a vicious warrior named Savra, a group of Paraximus’ elite soldiers are after them, following them from the Limen into the Abjure forest. Jet thought dealing with his former comrades wouldn’t be hard, but Savra poses a challenge to him in more ways than one, including old feelings for her that he can’t seem to let go of.

Meanwhile, in Ymber, the manor of Sorona is attacked. Two young girls, Ellie and Bailey Atturon, escape the wreckage, pursued by Paraximus’ minions for their power of sight, the Visus. They flee into the wilderness, protected by their adopted brother, Raphael, but they soon realize they’re no match for Paraximus’ most deadly creatures, the werewolf-like atrox.

Separated from her brother and sister, Ellie must find a way to escape and get back to Ymber. She must find a way to reach Regius Carmen. She soon finds herself embroiled with a group of dragon riders from Fornax, the land of the dragons. They, too, need to see Liana, and offer to take her with them.

Their journeys are long and dangerous, and no one knows if they will live to reach the safety of Regius Carmen, and Liana’s help.

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