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Free Books, BrazCon, and Some Promotional Stuff!

Hope everyone is enjoying all the free ebooks! If you still haven't checked them out, go here now and sign up for the chance to win $50!

Don't forget this weekend is BrazCon at Shadow Creek High School in Pearland, Texas! We're expecting a huge turn-out, with vendors such as Half Price Books, Bedrock City Comics, Arkham Comics, and so many more! Join us for fun, raffles, food trucks, and awesome panels!

And finally, I've got some awesome promotional artwork for Return to Gexalatia, which is coming in March!! How exciting! The days are ticking down fast! Check out these prints and tell me what you think!

In book two we finally get to see Gexalatia, the magical world on the other side of the Limen, including the land of the dragons, Fornax!

Some of the new characters we meet from Fornax include the Pangere, a band of dragon riders!

Rian is the proud leader of the Pangere (means dragon fang in their language). He rides and is bonded to a bright red dragon named Rami!

Zaida is Rian's number two, and his closest confidante. She rides and is bonded to a black dragon named Zayde!

Liam is a bit rough around the edges, but he loves his fellow Pangere members. He rides and is bonded to a green dragon named Emma!

The youngest of the Pangere, Amaya was the last to be bonded to her blue dragon named Declan. She is happy to finally be a full-fledged member!

Want to learn more about the Pangere and Gexalatia? Keep an eye out for Return to Gexalatia, coming in March!!

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