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News is Here!

Not a whole lot to report today, other than announcements for two new stories!

The first is called Bubbles:

Mermaids are real. The only problem? They don't want human-kind to exist anymore.

Bubbles is still in it's beginning stages, but I hope to have it available soon!

The second is called Wolves:

The pack is supposed to be the strongest bond imaginable for Shifters. No one leaves the pack, and no one wants to. Until a young woman decides that she wants more from her life than what she's limited to within the pack's structure. Fleeing for her life, she must escape or convince the Alpha that he should let her go.

Just like Bubbles, Wolves is still in its infancy. I'm hoping to have more of it soon as well! I'm planning for both to be similar to Jewels for Gemma as far as length; short stories rather than full-length novels.

What do you guys think about the new covers?

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