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Bye Harvey and other Updates

We are happy to see Hurricane Harvey go, but with its exit brings a lot of cleaning up in the Houston area.

Many, many people were and will still be feeling the effects of Harvey for a while to come. As they prepare themselves to clean up and repair the damage, please keep them in mind. Remember, prayers are so great, but people can't eat them or wear them. If you can, donate clothes and non-perishables to organizations like the Red Cross for the victims of Harvey. Monetary donations are great too, but victims need clothing and food and other essentials. If you live close by, the NRG Stadium is still in need of volunteers to help with the people who are sheltering there until the water recedes and they can go home. Anything you can do is appreciated!

Here is a link by the NY Times on how to donate without getting scammed:

In other news, I will still be at B&N Baybrook on September 9. The store did take on some water, but they experienced minimal damage and are not canceling any events. I'd love to see everyone and spend some time visiting with people, even if it's just to take their minds off of cleaning up for a while.

Hope everyone who is not in Texas is doing well and staying dry! <3 :)

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