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Interviews and Book Club!

I've had the awesome fortune to have been able to do two interviews this week! TWO! It's really awesome!

My Interview with Gershia from Poetry and Prose.

I had a really great time answering her questions! My favorite was being able to talk about my writing and my editing business. I really love being able to help other authors out and give them advice about how to be successful. Big thank-you to Gershia for having me!

My Interview with Jessica at the Indie Eden Book Club:

I'm a member of a Facebook book club, the Indie Eden Book Club, and for the next two weeks Return to Royalty is the bi-weekly read! I really enjoy hanging out with the other readers there and talking about the books we're reading. I also had a really fun time doing the interview with Jessica! I really enjoyed talking about my inspiration for Nyx and Jet!

If you guys are looking for a book club to join, come hang out with us! We'd love to have you!

In the mean time, don't forget about the Limitless Worlds giveaway and the Fantasy Fix giveaway starts today for all of you! Get in on it now and come see my on Saturday at the book signing!

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