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More free books and some announcements!

Hi everyone! This post is coming to you a few days early on account of the fact that I have some awesome stuff for you to check out.


Limitless Worlds (July 10-31)

Do you love Sci-Fi? Good news, here's a link for a bunch of free sci-fi ebooks! If you haven't gotten it yet, Jewels for Gemma is available during this promotion as well! Don't delay, claim you free ebooks today!


Fantasy Fix (July 14-31)

Looking for that fantasy fix? (hehe) As a special thank-you for being on my mailing list, you get the link early! That's right, these free ebooks will be available to you on July 12, a whole TWO DAYS before the promotion is officially open!

Go here on July 12 to start finding awesome new reads!


Return to Royalty is 50% off this month!

In honor of my birthday (and Smashwords' sale :D), Return to Royalty is 50% off all month long! If you haven't gotten your copy or know someone who would enjoy it, go here now to purchase it today!


And lastly, but not least-ly.....

Barnes & Noble Appearance and Book Signing!

I'm sure y'all are tired of hearing about it, but I'm going to be at the Pasadena Barnes & Noble on Saturday, July 15, starting at 1 P.M.! I'd love to see all of you guys, and I'll have special, limited edition stickers for all the books I sign! Please come by and get your book or just stop in to say Hi!

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