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Signings, Sales, and Summer!

I'm very excited to announce that Return to Royalty is officially on the shelf in Barnes & Noble!

This a huge achievement for me, and I'm so excited! This has been a dream of mine for a long time, and it's so awesome to finally see it coming true!

Don't forget to join me this Saturday, June 24th, in The Heights in Houston at Misfit Toys! I will be there signing books and celebrating their one year anniversary! So come out and spend the day, enter into some awesome raffles for some cool swag, and enjoy some free food, music, and lots of other cool stuff! Families are welcome, with face painting and a costume contest for the kiddos!

There's also lots of other exciting things happening this summer, including another opportunity to get free ebooks, and a Barnes & Noble signing!

Stay tuned for more details and future events! And check out the beginnings of 3 new short stories that I'm working on!

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