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Podcasts and Comicpalooza Update!

I had a really awesome time this weekend at Houston's Comicpalooza! I saw some fantastic cosplays and met some other amazing indie authors, including the brother and sister authors of the Keys of Life series and Courtney Shockey, author of a myriad of stories in multiple genres! I highly recommend you check out these authors and pick up their free books!

The podcast is also up, available here on Soundcloud. The podcast was the brain-child of indie author Dan Heiser, who invited me and Bram Stoker award nominee Greg Chapman to join him on the debut episode! We talk about how we got started writing books and where our ideas come from, and how Greg can write horror without being an ax murderer :-D! Check it out and send us ideas about what you'd like to hear us talk about next week!

Did you miss out on your copy of Return to Royalty during the Explore New Worlds promotion? Never fear, for the next FIVE DAYS ONLY Return to Royalty is $0.99 on Amazon! Don't miss out on this Summer Sale!

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