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What's going on this week?

This week I'm working on some cool new stuff! I've commissioned Stephanie from Offbeat Worlds to do more artwork! She's going to do a kick-ass cover for book two, Return to Gexalatia!! I can't wait to see what she's got up her sleeve!

Also, you guys remember the book marks I made?

That's right! These bad boys are coming back, in a new and improved way! I'm going to make some custom charms with pictures of Nyx and Jet, and I'm planning to make them so that they hook around your book! How cool is that??

Stay tuned for when they're available, and if you haven't gotten your copy of Return to Royalty, what are you waiting for? It's FREE on Kindle Unlimited, $2.99 for the ebook, and $16.95 for the paperback!

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