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Wednesday News Post

So I'm back! Yay! Survived vacation and barely got sunburned, hehe!

This week is exciting! I requested some illustrations from an artist named Stephanie about 4 weeks ago, and they're here!

This is her rendition of Nyx Estrella, the main character of Return to Royalty. Nyx is a princess, only she doesn't know it! She thinks she's just a normal, East Texas girl. Everything changes for her when she meets Jet.

Jet is sent by the queen of Gexalatia, Nyx's grandmother, to bring her home. He's not very good at playing well with others, and does everything just right to make Nyx hate him. He harbors a dark secret, needing to drink blood to fuel a binding curse that has a demon trapped inside his body. Things get really interesting when these two are forced to work together!

What do you guys think about them? Have you ordered your copy of Return to Royalty yet? Limited edition signed copies are still available!

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