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Wednesday News - Proofreading Edition!

I've finally had the proof back from the proofreader! Yay!

I'm so surprised by the number of errors she found that I never noticed! It's so amazing how your brain just fills in the blanks for you, especially when you know what the material should say. It was pretty easy to go through the manuscript and accept or change her edits and add mine. This whole process is pretty simple to get through. The hard part is all the waiting....ergh!

But it's necessary. That's what I keep reminding myself. All of this is necessary to make Return to Royalty as awesome as it can be!

Good news on the writing front: I've finally broken my post-project funk and have picked up an old manuscript that I'm rewriting. I'm intending for it to be part of the Gexalatian universe, which Return to Royalty is based in. It won't be part of the main series, but rather a mini series which I'm tentatively dubbing Another Gexalatian Tale. I'm thinking that I will write some side stories that flush out the world, but will have no effect on the canon of Return to Royalty.

What do you guys think? Would you like some side stories to read about Gexalatia?

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