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Wednesday News Post

This week I'm still working on my proof! I didn't think that I'd have much to change, but I've been counting how many changes there are and I'm almost to 50...and that's just in the first half of the book! I'm actually very surprised by the errors I left in the manuscript. I'm usually such a stickler, and I go back over sections multiples of multiple times to check to make sure it says exactly what it's supposed to say.

But at least I'm catching the mistakes! And hopefully the proofreader will catch any that I didn't know were there. Some of the changes are adding sentences, so it's not all errors. So really it brings my error count down to like 40. That sounds a lot better than 50 ^_^

I'm hoping to be done with the proof soon and I can't wait to see what the proofreader comes back with. Every day is just another closer to a finished book!!!

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