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Launch Edition pt 3

So it seems that the launch date may have been a little pre-emptive...sad day.

I spoke with the designer today and making the proof of the manuscript takes much longer than I thought it would. Everything to this point has been 7-10 business days, but building the first proof can take anywhere from 20-30 business days! I had no idea it took so long.

Once the proof is ready it's sent to me for edits and made into a second proof, which doesn't take nearly as long, and once that is approved, the cover can be built (front, back, spine) and then we'll have a whole book!

You guys will have to forgive me. This is my first time working with a designer like this. They're doing a fantastic job and the book is going to be beautiful, but it just takes much longer than I thought! It looks like we won't have a book launch until June, but that's okay.

It gives us plenty of time to get together some awesome things to give away. I'm thinking of doing a raffle and I'd love to have some kick-ass prizes. I don't want to spoil anything, but there may be gift cards involved...hehe!

So sorry for getting your hopes up, but Return to Royalty is still well on its way!

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