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Wednesday News - Editor Edition

So I've finally gotten my first round of edits! Yay!

Along with a lot of great advice and changes, the editor had a lot of great things to say! Here's some clips of his comments:

"I was blown away by the work. You are dealing with a prodigy in Fantasy Sci-Fi."

"Not being from Texas, I showed parts of the work to a young friend who is a published poet from Texas and he indicated the writing nailed Texas."

As far as the whole work, he loved it!

"It's amazing the growth you've accomplished through your words and more importantly your story did something unique and special here!"

All this being said, that doesn't mean that my work is done! There is a lot to do still, and much more work to be done in the future as my series progresses. I'm fired up and ready to get busy, but I know that it won't be easy. Hopefully I can keep these words in mind as I push forward!

Cover art will be coming soon! Fingers crossed!

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