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Wednesday News Post

So this week I'm working on revising my manuscript for A Gexalatian Fairytale Book One. I'm excited to hear back in two weeks from the Draft to Dream competition! It's so close, yet so far still.

I'm also still working on revisions for Angels and Demons, which includes a title change. I've decided to call it A Gexalatian Fairytale: The Darkness. Some exciting new things are coming in this story, including a complete overhaul. I'm excited to see what it will be once its done. That's the funny thing about stories, they do what they want, and they write themselves through me. Seems kinda strange, but I only have a general idea and whatever happens is totally up to the characters!

In other news, this week is my birthday week, so hopefully some cool things happen between now and next Wednesday. Stay tuned for my first newsletter, which will debut on August 1!

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