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Less than a month!

So back in May I submitted a book draft to the Draft to Dream competition put on by Author University, which is an amazing web-based program hosted by Judith Briles. I spent about a month or so feverishly writing, trying to have my manuscript ready to be mailed to their offices in Colorado. There was an immense sense of relief when it was finished, but also another gut-twisting feeling of nervousness and excitement.

My manuscript will be read and judged by a team of five librarians who specialize in the category I submitted to, and the winners will be announced on August 10. So, as of today, 25 days until the announcement! It's exciting, but also makes me super nervous. I'd really love to win, but at the same time, I'm trying to brace myself for a rejection, which is something that's really hard for me.

Many of the panelists that spoke at Comicpalooza received rejections before they found their niche, and I hope that I can follow their example. But in the mean time, wish me luck!

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